Silent Disco at the Shard

So I’ve never been up the Shard before. The only thing that I’ve been up remotely close to is the Sky Garden so I’ll try to compare my experiences from both and weigh them out.

We paid £37.50 for the silent disco. We were led through security checks before leaving my coats and any other belongings. The whole scene when we got on the 72rd floor was simply unbelievable.

Drinks at the bar were also cheaper than I was expecting. Cocktails were priced at £8.50 which I think is pretty reasonable.

If you are thinking of going up to the Shard, there may be a few things to bear in mind

Views from SkyGarden
1. If it’s simply for the view, the view from the sky garden is pretty similar and stunning. It’s also free so it may be worth going there instead

2. The experience is quite unique and I think going with a few close friends enhances the experience much much more.

3. It’s really causal so don’t feel the need to dress up if you don’t want to. 4 hours is a long time – I would personally advise against heels!

It was such a good experience and if you’re between revision for finals – it’s such a good treat for yourself x

(Dress and makeup descriptions below). M

Dress: New Look,  Primer: BECCA backlight priming filter, Foundation/Base: Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation + Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer, Concealer: NYX HD Concealer in Tan, Eyebrows: NYX Microbrow Pencil, Eyeshadow: KIKO Metallic Shine Eyeshadow in 04 (Blue) + Sleek Contour Duo (Brown shade), Mascara: Illamasqua Mascara Gain, Highlighter: SEVENTEEN Tan Liquid Gold, Contour: Sleek Contour Duo in Dark, Ligloss: NARS lip gloss in Chihuahua 


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