A wander round St Paul’s 


My first two years in the UK were in London and I always passed St Paul’s on the way to sixth form (JC). But I’ve never taken the time to have a proper walk around and I’m really glad I did today. I went to the One Change Shopping Centre which is absolutely stunning with a roof terrace on the 6th floor. The scenes from there are a bit breathtaking.


There are also plenty of edgy restaurants and small eateries that are worth going into. I had a Banh Minh from Chao!Now which was absolutely delicious and reasonable priced. For tea, I visited Happenstance. I didn’t think dessert tasted that great. But – the ambience and interior of the restaurant was really impressive. And I feel like the prices are quite reasonable as compared to what you would expect. Coffees and teas are pretty standard in terms of pricing although I found the desserts a tad bit expensive.

Next time, think I’ll continue to explore the tiny streets on St Pauls and discover more eateries! The side streets suprisingly have the coolest buildings as well (esp at Carter Lane – pic below)! x


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